As in most industries, women, though well represented in the lower and middle echelons of the public affairs world, are under-represented in top posts. There are some incredibly successful and inspirational women at the top in public affairs, but many more who aspire to get there and struggle to achieve it.

Launched by women in the latter group and supported by women in the former, the Women in Public Affairs Network is an opportunity for women from across the industry to come together in an informal setting, to share experiences, offer advice and support and explore how we can work together to help smash the glass ceiling.

Our Aim:

• Our aim is to set up a network of women working in the public affairs arena, after we found from working in the industry and doing further research that the majority of senior practitioners were men.

• We envisage women from the industry coming together to network, support each other and find solutions to fixing this imbalance of men to women senior practitioners.

• We hope to have networking events and forums at different times and places to suit all working women, which will provide a supportive and advisory platform.

• We welcome feedback and ideas from both men and women public affairs professionals to ensure the network is successful.

Why was the network set up?

“When deciding to make the leap from politics into public affairs I did a lot of research into the different agencies, and was surprised by the relatively small number where the senior team featured as many, or more, women as men.

Baffled by this I also looked for a public affairs women’s network to join to see if I could find some answers, receive some training and find networking opportunities and was surprised to find that no such network existed.

I then embarked upon the CIPR Public Affairs Diploma at the PR Academy I got talking to Ella Uziell-Hamilton who had had a similar experience and had worked on women’s leadership projects in the past. We decided to have a go at setting up a network ourselves. The rest is history!”

Laura Gilmore